• 15 October 2014 - VIRAL ZOONOSES

    Albert Osterhaus: "It`s important to take the right steps at the right time”

    Zoonotic diseases, SARS, Coronavirus, H5N1, Ebola

    In 1997, Albert Osterhaus' research group was the first to discover that the avian influenza virus type H5N1 also infects humans. Since then, there have been several outbreaks of zoonotic viruses that have spread between humans. Professor Albert Osterhaus is one of the most experienced virologists in the world. He has studied the mechanisms that allow viruses to cross species borders and transmit easily among humans. Infection Research spoke with him about the risk of emerging zoonotic pandemics and ways to prevent them in the future. [ more ]


  • 3 September 2014 - BACTERIAL INFECTIONS

    Small and nasty - rhinoviruses

    Bronchitis, Cold virus, Respiratory infections, Vaccine development

    Hatschi! Rhinoviren infizieren ihre menschlichen Wirte schnell und sind bestens an diese angepasst, was möglicherweise ihre geringe Virulenz erklärt. © fotolia / Dirima

    Rhino- come again? In strong contrast to their prevalence, rhinoviruses are not exactly what you'd call terribly well-known. Even as research goes, the culprit behind global bouts of colds, sore throats, and earaches all year long leads a decidedly clandestine existence. Over the last ten years, research on rhinoviruses has witnessed considerable progress. Martina Bünnige reports on current projects and main interests in rhinovirus research.

    [ more ]




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